The school logo shows a torch (mashaal) with three flames. The torch represents newness and fresh thinking, and the school's intent of making a difference to the world. The three component flames represent the school's three core values of Explore, Learn, Lead. The free-flowing style of the flames signifies dynamism and shows that the school has the flexibility to adapt to changing environments, without losing direction or compromising its core beliefs; in essence, a contemporary school which incorporates the latest teaching methodologies, while staying rooted in time-honoured values.


We at ATS Valley School believe that each child studying in our school will receive the best education possible. We aim to make learning an enjoyable process by giving the children a variety of opportunities and an environment that will enable them to explore and discover their talents and areas of interest. Our aim is to prepare children for the future and develop in them a sense of adventure. Children will learn that challenges prepare us for life and urge us to move ahead.


At ATS Valley School we believe that success is measured by success in life along with academic excellence. All learning is part of the curriculum, nothing is considered ‘extra’ – whether it is learning through the arts, through physical education, through value inculcation or through outreach to the less privileged. This is the foundation for holistic learning that develops the mind, body, self and spirit, where each child is self-empowered in the pursuit of overall excellence.We focus on learning rather than on teaching, and all members of the school family are learners – the children, the teachers, the management and administrative and support staff. The structure and ambience of our school environment will encourage all the students to experiment, collect information, question and draw independent inferences.


Students of ATS Valley School will always choose challenge over comfort, and they will strive to constantly raise the bar and to be the best that they can be. Quality is the foundation on which the school stands.  Each child at ATS Valley will be an achiever guided by an understanding of his or her own unique strengths. Therefore, the curriculum at ATS Valley will balance all the dimensions of a child’s growth. There will be equal emphasis on academics, sports, social, spiritual and emotional development. Students will be value driven, involved in the community and will work towards improving the local and larger environment. They will be confident as they meet the challenges of the 21st century and take ownership of their actions.

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