We advocate experiential learning, which is a dynamic approach to teaching in which students explore real-world problems and challenges, simultaneously developing cross-curriculum skills while working in small collaborative groups.

In  ATS Valley School  project-based learning is filled with active and engaged learning that inspires students to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are studying. Our students are more likely to retain the knowledge gained through this approach far more readily than through traditional textbook-centered learning. In addition, students develop confidence and self-direction as they move through both team-based and independent work.

In this process,  students also hone their organizational and research skills, develop better communication with their peers and adults, and often work within their community while seeing the positive effect of their work.

Our curriculum exposes our students to the academic and non-academic subjects in a way that  helps them to see the connection between each subject and encourage them to use their knowledge effectively. All our activities support the optimum implementation of the curriculum. We focus on making learning holistic for our students so that it helps develop the mind, body and spirit and they feel self-empowered in the pursuit of excellence.


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